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General Links

General Links

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Official Website
Visit the ELCA's website to learn more about our affiliation.

Enter the Bible
There are so many ways to build our relationship with God. Reading the Bible is one great one! But where do you start? You can just plain read it (start with the New Testament). You can use one of our devotional booklets that are available at church. Or you can use a web-based resource like Enter the Bible.

danielleMeet Our Missionary
Thanks to the generous support of the people of Peace, we now can help sponsor Danielle Steinwart, serving the ELCA for a year as a Young Adult in Global Mission volunteer. Danielle is serving in the UK. We encourage you to follow her blog, to pray for her and other missionaries and to let her know youíre thinking about her. We are grateful for this relationship, and hearing stories from the front line of serving Godís Church.

What is the purpose of the YAGM program?
  • To provide ELCA young adults with a year-long international mission experience that will contribute to their development as servant-leaders.
  • To utilize international settings for equipping young adults in the church with cross-cultural skills through service and relationship building.
  • To provide engaging and challenging opportunities that will result in young adults who are both globally formed and globally informed, including working with ecumenical partners.
  • To provide young adults with opportunities to grow in their faith and to better understand their place in Godís world.
  • To share the gifts and stories of the global church and community with U.S. and ELCA communities.

Interest Indicators

Long Range Plan 2017

Asset BuildingAsset Building in our Community
Assets - what are they? They are "building blocks," "traits," "resources," we all need to succeed. The more assets a young person has, the better the chances they will do good things, even as a teenager! It also means they are far less likely to engage in risky behaviors. We are all asset builders. We can make a difference! Our weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter feature asset building information. Or visit the Lincoln-Way High School Asset Building website.